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The DILIGENT-EGEE interaction activity has been established at different levels (web interfaces, mailing lists, personal contacts, etc.), on different areas (middleware, networking, services) and for different purposes. As the DILIGENT project advances in its activities, the motivations for interaction with EGEE evolve and can be satisfied in various ways. They are:

Learn - accessing dissemination, technical material and software through the EGEE portal; attending EGEE training events, conferences and open meetings (all activity meetings, workshops, concertation events, etc.); organising joint trainings/workshops with EGEE representatives; subscribing to EGEE open technical mailing lists; studying the internal organisation of EGEE activities and infrastructures as a reference model; looking for opportunities for technical exchanges

Experiment - testing local installations of middleware components; having early access to a prototype testbed for a restricted number of users;

Provide Feedback - submitting DILIGENT middleware requirements to the EGEE requirements database; establishing contacts and collaboration with the EGEE UIG (User Information Group) and NA4 representatives; documenting DILIGENT experience in this deliverable;

Deploy - studying the installation guides; exchanging with EGEE technical representatives;

Implement - future exchanges with EGEE technical teams are foreseen for this phase;

Disseminate/Demonstrate - presenting DILIGENT plans; demonstration of results could be foreseen for the future;

Align - another important aspect is the necessity to keep DILIGENT plans aligned with EGEE (with respect to availability of the software, functionality, plans for future developments, policies, support, etc.) as well as to inform EGEE about DILIGENT priorities and requirements that could be taken into consideration together with the feedback of the other user communities.

The overall strategy of interaction between EGEE and DILIGENT consists of establishing contacts with representatives of EGEE activities and exploiting the official channels already put in place by the EGEE project for dissemination and user support. At the same time an attentive study of the project organisation, documentation and functioning is also necessary. Finally, whenever possible, establishing direct exchanges with EGEE representatives to improve inter-project collaborations (i.e. organisation of joint events) and creating opportunities for exchanges especially at the technical level. This last approach is needed particularly in the case of DILIGENT, being an early adopter of EGEE gLite Grid middleware. Considering the obvious timing necessary for a large collaboration like EGEE to collect, organise and disseminate the information related to the most recent release of its middleware (which was not yet available when the DILIGENT project started), a close interaction between the two projects demonstrated to be extremely helpful to minimise the project’s risks, especially in the design phase of DILIGENT, when the DILIGENT solution is conceived.

DILIGENT WP3.1 takes care of the coordination of this activity which is documented in the form of project deliverable reports:

DILIGENT has submitted to the attention of the EGEE Technical Coordination Group a number of gLite requirements.

DILIGENT members are involved in the activity of the following EGEE workgroups:

  • - Short Deadline Jobs
  • - Medical Data Management
  • - Job Priorities

More information is provided here.

see also EGEE website http://egee-intranet.web.cern.ch/egee-intranet/gateway.html