DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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The objective of demonstration activities is to promote the main features, concepts and capabilities of the DILIGENT project to potential customers and to interested audiences. Thanks to different analysis and interviews with partners, three targets have been identified and considered for demonstration:

  • developer communities
  • decision-makers
  • end users
Developer communities are those members of a research organization in charge of developing a DL, or involved in the evolution or maintenance of a grid middleware. They are interested in demonstrations of technical DILIGENT features.
Decision-Makers are people with the responsability to make strategic choices comparing the DILIGENT approach to other existing Digital Library (DL) management solutions.
End Users are people that will experience the daily use of the system, uploading and accessing the information, creating new contents and exploiting the DILIGENT solution in their business work. Demos linked below enable these target communities to verify the potentiality of Grid technology applied to the DL context.

The demonstrators:

Dynamic Service Instance Deployment - proves that well packaged Web Services can more easily be deployed in a grid environment using the services of the DILIGENT Collective Layer.

Dynamic Infrastructure Deployment - proves that the co-deployment task of interoperable services, appropriately configured, is feasible.

Video Rendering - shows the opportunities of the DILIGENT security Model and provides a video rendering application on the Grid based on the glite middleware.

Video Watermarking - describes the cooperation of the DILIGENT content security service with the glite components WMS, SE, LFC, CE and WN. 

Batch Feature Extraction - illustrates distributed parallel batch processing on the Grid for enhanced performance of time consuming data processing. 

Content-Based Multimedial Retrieval - shows the integration of existing Grid-enabled technology for parallelized Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR).

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