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European Information Space Workshop - Rome, Oct 2007
The European Information Space workshop, organized by DILIGENT with the support of FAO,  has taken place in Rome,  on the 29th and 30th Oct 2007.

The workshop's programme .
The purpose of the workshop is to bring together stakeholders from different domains and representatives of European Commission funded research projects which are contributing to the creation and exploitation of a European Information Space, in order to identify common challenges and to discuss new opportunities for exploitation and cross-fertilization among existing initiatives.

More than 60 attendants, from all over Europe and even beyond its boundaries, were present, helping towards building a common overview of the current status of technological and organizational development, and contributing to the open discussions around the issues and challenges that surround the  European Information Space concept.

The wish of the organizers is that the workshop will contribute to the transformation of a vision for the future into reality and that it will become a point of reference in the road towards the realisation of the EIS.

The workshop's programme

All the presentations of the ROMA workshop, can be found here.