DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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End of the project
The main objective of DILIGENT has been to create an advanced testbed for knowledge e-Infrastructure that will enable members of dynamic virtual e-Science organisations to access shared knowledge and to collaborate in a secure, coordinated, dynamic and cost-effective way. This e-Infrastructure has been built by integrating grid and digital library technology. The merging of these two forms of technology has opened the way to a new generation of e-Science knowledge e-Infrastructures able to provide powerful environments for research and industrial applications.

DILIGENT is funded in part by the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme. DILIGENT officially began on 1 September 2004 and came to its completion on 30 November 2007.

The experience gained, and the middleware developed, during the DILIGENT project will be carried into the follow-up project "DILIGENT for Science". D4Science aims to
continue the path that the GEANT, EGEE and DILIGENT projects have initiated towards establishing networking, grid-based and data-centric e-Infrastructures.

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DILIGENT Data Challenge on EGEE Infrastructure
Geneva, December 2007 - The success of DILIGENT's recent data challenge on image feature extraction,  executed on the EGEE infrastructure, has enabled one of the world's  largest collections of multimedia metadata to be made publicly available for research purposes.

Diligent releases the gCube system version 1.0

The DILIGENT project is pleased to announce the DILIGENT release Final, the official release of the DILIGENT software. Developed under the intense coordination of 7 geographically distributed teams, and integrated by another 4, DILIGENT is a complex system and the release Final represents the achievement of a major milestone in the project. The release Final is the foundation infrastructure on which DILIGENT will provide on-demand digital libraries to dynamic virtual organizations by exploiting the high-computing capacities of the grid.

82 components were integrated, packaged and made officially available in the release Final, together with the associated documentation. Furthermore, the release Final exploits a number of standards specification and application frameworks. The DILIGENT release Final will be made publicly available.



European Information Space Workshop - Rome, Oct 2007
The European Information Space workshop, organized by DILIGENT with the support of FAO,  has taken place in Rome,  on the 29th and 30th Oct 2007.

The workshop's programme .
DILIGENT will have strong presence at the EGEE 07 conference, held in Budapest between the 1st and the 5th of October 2007 (http://www.eu-egee.org/egee07/home.html ). A booth has been arranged for the duration of the entire event, where experts on the platform's software (gCube) and its applications (ARTE and ImpECt) will be demonstrating the findings of the project.


European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Applications Workshop (29-30 October 2007)

The European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Applications  Workshop will be held from 29 to 30 October 2007 in the Austria Cinema, second Floor, Building C at the FAO Headquarters Complex, Rome, Italy.

By invitation only.

Diligent expands over the GRID
Diligent is further expanding into GRID territory. Three more diligent
partners (ENG, UNIBAS and UOA) are entering Pre-Production gLite
DILIGENT workshop at JCDL 2007

DILIGENT organized a joint workshop on Building Digital Libraries on Service Oriented Architectures, together with BRICKS and DELOS projects on Tuesday, June 19, during the JCDL 2007, in Vancouver, Canada.

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