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Demonstrator 1 - Dynamic Service Instance Deployment
This demonstrator proves that well packaged Web Services can be more easily deployed in a grid environment using the services of the DILIGENT Collective Layer. From a functional point of view this demonstrator allows one to
  • browse DILIGENT available resources in order to select the service to be deployed and the hosting node the deployment task has to be performed and
  • start the deployment task.

Where to find it: Click here

You can access the demonstrator using the following credentials: 

  • demouser (user name);
  • demopwd (password). 
Target Audience: developers, system administrators, decision-makers.
How to use it

The Demonstrator back-end:
  • transports a packaged Web Service together with all required libraries to a remote host;
  • reserves the hosting resources for a given period of time
  • deploys the Web Services in the container; and
  • activates it.
The status of the deployment task can be monitored by means of a pop-up window reporting the current stage (deploying, running, etc.) of the process. Finally, the effective creation of the new service instance can be verified by accessing the Information System and discovering the just created Running Instance entry.
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