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Demonstrator 4 - Video Watermarking

This demonstrator describes the cooperation of the DILIGENT content security service with the glite components WMS, SE, LFC, CE and WN.

The service generates glite grid jobs and submits them to the WMS services of the glite system. The grid job consists of three sub-jobs which convert from ASF to MPEG, split the video file into chunks, embed or retrieve the watermark and after embedding of the watermark, merge the chunks back to a video file. The user can select a number of locally stored video files and the demonstrator manages the uploading process to the catalog, generates the grid jobs and submits them to the grid system. After the submission the demonstrator monitors the submitted jobs and can download the results of the finished jobs. The data section of the demonstrator includes the downloading and uploading processes for the video files, for example to download the marked video files.

Where to find it:  Click here
Target Audience: currently developer communities (end-users as a video player will be added)
How to use it:

How do you come to the demonstrator? Left
side menu:
  • click on VO services (login with enrico, enrico)
    • the login is only for the test computer
New left menu side:
  • click on WATERMARKING
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