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Demonstrator 2 - Dynamic Infrastructure Deployment
This demonstrator proves that the co-deployment task of interoperable services, appropriately configured, is feasible. The demonstrator allows to define and instantiate minimal digital library infrastructures, i.e. digital libraries constituted by a pool of services operating on a pool of collections. From a functional point of view the demonstrator allows to
  • browse the DILIGENT resources in order to select the pool of services, the pool of collections, and the pool of hosting nodes constituting the minimal digital library the user is interested in, and
  • exploit the VRE creation wizard.

Where to find it: Click here

You can access the demonstrator using the following credentials: 

  • demouser (user name);
  • demopwd (password).
Target Audience: developers, system administrators, decision-makers.

How to use it:

The demonstrator back-end takes care to identify all the mandatory services/packages, transport them on the appropriate hosting nodes, deploy the WSs in the hosting node containers, and activate them.

The status of this complex deployment task can be monitored by means of a pop-up window reporting the deployment stages of the various services (Deploying, Deployed, Failed) and their related packages (Deployed, Failed).

Thanks to this graphical tool it is also possible to perceive the additional services, respective to the selected ones, that have automatically been selected by the Demonstrator in order to properly run the selected services. Finally, by accessing the Information System and discovering the corresponding service instances the user can verify the effective creation of the so created minimal digital library.

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