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George Kakaletris

Full Name: George Kakaletris

Organisation: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Organization Role: Research Associate

DILIGENT Specific Role: TCom Representative and main contact point for the University of Athens. Main involvement: WP1.1, WP1.6, WP1.4, WP4.2

Personal Information

  • Born: 22 September 1969
  • Live place: Athens, Greece


  • BSc in Physics (UoA)
  • MSc in Advanced Infomation Systems
  • PhD Cnd in Information Technologies


  • Manager of the Public R&D Sector of Decision S.A., member of the InfoQuest Group of Companies.
  • Director of the R&D Department of Intelltech S.A.
  • Project manager and software architect / engineer for Profile S.A.
  • Research associate for the University of Athens

Current scientific and research interests:

  • New and emerging programming models (AOP, R-OOP, SOP etc)
  • Handling persistency in evolving environments.
  • Modeling real-life large-scale evolving systems into software constructs.
  • Real-life physics & telecom problems optimization.
  • Next generation Location Based Services.


  • IT Project Management
  • Integrated Information Systems Design & Implementation
  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Software Development
  • Financial Business Area Applications Design and Implementation
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Modelling Software Development & Optimization

Major Projects:

  • Design and Implementation of Integrated Information System for Financial Administration for Greek Public Organizations
  • Cypriot Govenment Water Resource Management System
  • Studies funded by the Greek Governent concerning the National Registry of Comercial Entities
  • Backend Portfolio Management System for Banks, Investment Companies and Financial Organizations.
  • M-Guide EU Funded project (UoA team manager)
  • Ecosys EU Funded project (Software Development Leader)
  • TONIC EU Funded project (UoA team member)
  • Development of Microsoft Certified Application for Document and Protocol Management (major installations on Athens 2004 Organization and Greek Prime-minister Establishment)

Recent Major Publications:

  • “Designing and implementing an open infrastructure for location-based, tourism-related content delivery”, G. Kakaletris et al, 2004, ACM/Kluver Special Edition on Wireless Communications