DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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Digital Libraries
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     Alexandria Project
An example from NSF‚s DLI-1 and DLI-2 Programs, the Alexandria project focuses on geospatially-referenced multimedia material.
     CLEF Project
CLEF Project (IST-2000-31002).
     CYCLADES Project
CYCLADES Project (IST-2000-25456).
     COLLATE Project
COLLATE Project (IST-1999-20882).
     DELOS Project
DELOS Project (IST-1999-12262).
     DELOS Network of Excellence
     DELITE Project
     Digital Libraries in a box (Virginia Tech).
     DLib Project (IST-2001-32587)
     DSpace (MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Company).
     ECHO - European CHronicle On-line
ECHO - European CHronicle On-line (IST-1999-11994).
     GreenStone (New Zealand Digital Library Project)
The NSDL project (National Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education Digital Library) in the US.
     OAF Project
OAF Project (IST-2001-32015).
     OpenDLib (CNR-ISTI)
     Scholnet Project
Scholnet Project (IST-1999-20664).
LDL is a digital repository in the area of Library and Information Science (LIS). Any LIS researcher can submit their publications to LDL. LDL has simple review process.