DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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Software Engineering
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     Archware Project
Archware Project (IST-2001-32360).
     BIS Project
BIS Project (Building blocks for Intelligent Search in electronic multimedia patient records)
     CBSEnet Project
CBSEnet Project (IST-2001-35485).
     Component+ project
Component+ project (IST-1999-20162).
     DIOGENE Project
DIOGENE Project (IST 2001-33358).
     EDC Project
     Fast Search & Transfer Technologies
     INNOVANET Project
INNOVANET Project (IST-2001-38422).
     MIND Project
MIND Project (IST-2000-26061).
     MIRA Project
MIRA Project (ESPRIT Working Group N. 20039).
An international consortium that develops Web Services standards that enable dynamic distributed systems.
     OSIRIS Infrastructure
     P2P Architect
P2P Architect (IST-2001-32708).
     POEM Project
POEM Project (ESPRIT 26.356).
     Savant Project
Savant Project (IST-2002-34814).
     SemiPort Project
     Transmark Project
     WEBKIT Project
WEBKIT Project (IST-2001-34171).