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DILIGENT Infrastructure joins EGEE

DILIGENT Grid Infrastructure joins EGEE Pre-Production Service

DILIGENT has recently deployed a new gLite infrastructure in addition to the two private grid infrastructures already running for development and testing of the prototype DL distributed system.  The aim of this new infrastructure is to provide a grid environment to run the next stable release of the system to be used by the DILIGENT user communities for validating the ongoing DILIGENT developments. This infrastructure, running gLite 3.0, is composed by 3 sites: CNR-ISTI, ESA-ESRIN and ENG. It is currently providing around 30 CPUs and 3.4 TB of storage. To better test the DILIGENT user-scenario experimentations in a “production-like” environment DILIGENT has also proposed to join this new infrastructure to the EGEE Pre-Production Service (PPS). During the month of August 2006 two of these sites were certified by the EGEE PPS team and are now officially part of this EGEE infrastructure.