DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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DILIGENT will have strong presence at the EGEE 07 conference, held in Budapest between the 1st and the 5th of October 2007 (http://www.eu-egee.org/egee07/home.html ). A booth has been arranged for the duration of the entire event, where experts on the platform's software (gCube) and its applications (ARTE and ImpECt) will be demonstrating the findings of the project.


European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Applications Workshop (29-30 October 2007)

The European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Applications  Workshop will be held from 29 to 30 October 2007 in the Austria Cinema, second Floor, Building C at the FAO Headquarters Complex, Rome, Italy.

By invitation only.

ESA seeking a Research Fellow to contribute to DILIGENT
The European Space Agency is seeking a research fellow to contribute to the Development of Earth Science Applications in Grid Environment. Specific knowledge required includes:
  • Earth Science specific scientific application domains
  • Practical utilisation of tools for EO (e.g. Envisat, ERS) data handling, algorithm and application developments
This fellow will ultimately participate in the active development of the DILIGENT project.

Beneficial knowledge and the full opportunity description can be found here: Research Fellow Opportunity-ESA

The economic conditions of the fellowship can be found on the ESA website (see http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/Careers_at_ESA/SEM19DXO4HD_0.html).
DILIGENT release Alpha has arrived! (31/01/07)

The DILIGENT project is pleased to announce the DILIGENT release Alpha, the first official release of the DILIGENT software. Developed under the intense coordination of 7 geographically distributed teams, and integrated by another 4, DILIGENT is a complex system and the release Alpha represents the achievement of a major milestone in the project. The release Alpha is the foundation infrastructure on which DILIGENT will provide on-demand digital libraries to dynamic virtual organizations by exploiting the high-computing capacities of the grid.

82 components were integrated, packaged and made officially available in the release Alpha, together with the associated documentation. Furthermore, the release Alpha exploits a number of standards specification and application frameworks. The DILIGENT release Alpha will not be made publicly available due to proprietary information contributed by certain consortium members, but it is serving as the basis on which the Beta version is already being developed to achieve even greater functionality.


DILIGENT presentation at the GGF 17, held in Tokyo on May 10-12

DILIGENT presentation at the GGF 17 conference held in Tokyo.
The presentation is entitled: "DILIGENT - Bridging WSRF services and the EGEE middleware".

Workshop for ECDL 06 has been accepted (10/04/06)

Workshop for ECDL 06 has been accepted. The workshop on "Digital Library Goes e-Science: Perspectives and Challenges" is being organized by Claudia Niederee, Thomas Risse and Rachel Heery, and several DILIGENT partners serve as members of the workshop's Program Committee.
It is expected that other DILIGENT partners will submit papers and present results from their work within DILIGENT. The workshop will be held during the ECDL on 20/21/22 Sep 06 (date not yet fixed) in Alicante, Spain.

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