DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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gCube, the middleware that powers the DILIGENT testbed, is currently under the beta release integration phase. More info is available on the gCube web site http://www.gcube-system.org/



... grid for computing
... grid for content
... grid for services

gCube enables cost-effective utilisation of the computational and storage
resources of the grid infrastructure, in a landscape of custom processing of
structured and unstructured payload

gCube offers a feature -full platform for distributed hosting, management
and retrieval of data and information, and a framework for extending
state-of-the-art indexing, selection, fusion, extraction, description,
annotation, transformation, and presentation of content.

gCube eliminates manual deployment overheads, guarantees optimal placement
of services within the infrastructure and opens unique opportunities for
outsourcing state-of-the-art implementations

find out more about gCube... http://www.gcube-system.org/