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DILIGENT workshop at JCDL 2007

DILIGENT organized a joint workshop on Building Digital Libraries on Service Oriented Architectures, together with BRICKS and DELOS projects on Tuesday, June 19, during the JCDL 2007, in Vancouver, Canada.

The full Day workshop organized with BRICKS and DELOS projects, under the full title "Building Digital Libraries on Service Oriented Architectures: Challenges, Experiences, and Results" was held in JCDL 2007 tutorials section, on Tuesday, June 19, during the JCDL 2007, in Vancouver, Canada.
Presenters were:
- Thomas Risse, L3S Research Center, Germany
- Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI, Italy
- Heiko Schuldt, Uni Basel, Switzerland
- Claudia Niederée, L3S Research Center, Germany
- Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI, Italy
- George Kakaletris, Uni Athens, Greece

The turorial analyzed the core ideas of building digital libraries on distributed infrastructures and the related architectural options. The main part of the tutorial revolves around how core DL functionality like Digital Library Management, Content and Collection Management, Metadata Management and Brokering, Search and Retrieval and Advanced Services (Personalization, Annotation, etc.) can be built by exploiting P2P and Grid technological frameworks. For each of the topics the key challenges are discussed together with possible solutions for the challenges and the lessons learned in implementing these solutions in concrete projects. The solutions are illustrated with concrete examples and demos from the projects DILIGENT, BRICKS, and DELOS.

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