DILIGENT - A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Tecnology
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Diligent expands over the GRID
Diligent is further expanding into GRID territory. Three more diligent
partners (ENG, UNIBAS and UOA) are entering Pre-Production gLite
Diligent VO has been around for some time now. There are currently many
sites belonging to the PPS (Pre-Production Site) that support it.
Out of those, three have been setup by the diligent partners namely CNR, SNS and ESA.
These sites will be available to 4DSOFT for its testing activity and of course
to any individual that wishes to enter the diligent VO.
Currently there is a reorganization to the infrastructure dedicated to the GRID among  the diligent partners.
The already existing sites will be enhanced with more nodes and 3 more sites will
enter PPS (ENG, UNIBAS and UOA). Furthermore the sites will support more VOs.
To the already supported (diligent, ops and dteam), switch, biomed and
geant4 will be added. The "friendly" VOs will be served by diligent
partners sites. Apart from the potential of project
collaboration such expansion also aims at bringing "fame" to the involved organizations.