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DILIGENT release Alpha has arrived! (31/01/07)

The DILIGENT project is pleased to announce the DILIGENT release Alpha, the first official release of the DILIGENT software. Developed under the intense coordination of 7 geographically distributed teams, and integrated by another 4, DILIGENT is a complex system and the release Alpha represents the achievement of a major milestone in the project. The release Alpha is the foundation infrastructure on which DILIGENT will provide on-demand digital libraries to dynamic virtual organizations by exploiting the high-computing capacities of the grid.

82 components were integrated, packaged and made officially available in the release Alpha, together with the associated documentation. Furthermore, the release Alpha exploits a number of standards specification and application frameworks. The DILIGENT release Alpha will not be made publicly available due to proprietary information contributed by certain consortium members, but it is serving as the basis on which the Beta version is already being developed to achieve even greater functionality.


DILIGENT presents at the EGEE II/HellasGrid biannual coordination meeting
The DILIGENT project was presented during the EGEE II/HellasGrid biannual coordination meeting, which was held on 20th and 21st of December in the Multimedia Amphitheatre of the National and Technical University of Athens.
DILIGENT in IST Networking Session
The exciting IST Event arrives with autumn and the annual project review. This year, the Event is being held in Helsinki 21-23 November. DILIGENT is happy to be present and participate in a Networking Session entitled Future Knowledge Infrastructures: we are not starting from scratch. Come, meet members of the DILIGENT team, and have your say!
FP7 Focus Event: Knowledge Interfacing
DILIGENT is invited to present November 15th at Euresearch's Focus Event on "Knowledge Interfacing: Digital Libraries & Technology-Enhanced Learning" in Martigny.
Paper has been accepted to appear in the International Journal on Digital Libraries
A full paper titled "DILIGENT: Integrating Digital Library and Grid Technologies for a new Earth Observation Research Infrastructure" has been accepted to appear in the International Journal on Digital Libraries (http://www.dljournal.org/) - special issue on Digital Libraries and eScience.
Paper on dynamic deployment and process support accepted
A full paper titled "On-Demand Service Deployment and Process Support in
e-Science DLs: the Diligent Experience" was accepted for the "Digital
Library Goes e-Science" (DLSci) workshop at the 10th European Conference on
Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2006).

DILIGENT-based paper in SIGIR2006
A short poster paper about work on Distributed Information Retrieval with respect to resource description and selection, was presented at the International Conference in Information Retrieval (SIGIR2006) held in August 2006, in Seattle.

Paper on Distributed Information Retrieval techniques applied in DILIGENT has been accepted.

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